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I love the symbolism of this picture because there is a metaphor for the effort and struggle a woman must apply and go through to become strong, fit, and healthy. It also symbolizes the shape that fat takes around a person: it’s nothing more than a prison of laziness, shame, and guilt.

A woman is pretty if she’s thin. But she is beautiful if she is fit, because that means she put in a lot of hard work, time, and dedication into becoming athletic and maintaining her fitness.

being fat is not a “prison of laziness shame and guilt”, not all fat people hate themselves. lol bye

fit people feel better,that is science.


-Heart disease is far more common than we tend to think, and not moving our bodies is one of causes. Type II diabetes use to be a disease of elderly people, but these days it is also common among children.

Physical activity helps lowering blood sugar levels and helps the body to secret right amounts of hormone insulin. Researches have proven that strength exercise is the most effective in preventing diabetes, so make sure you include it in your exercise routine.

The last, is our mental health, which is also very influenced by moving of our bodies. You will be able to think clearly, focus, learn and stay positive. It is known that exercise is the greatest medicine for depression, which can be characterized as a disease of a modern man.

 and while living healthy and staying active does improve your well being, you don’t need to be a size 0 to be fit OR healthy. next.

I agree that for most people being fat is not a “prison of laziness shame and guilt”, but for some people it is. The majority of overweight people wish they weren’t overweight. But I need to point out that no where in this post does it say that you need to be a size zero to be fit or healthy. 

The woman in the photo is very much not turning into a size 6, 8, 10. more like a 0 or maybe a 1, and that is being generous. People are very much under the impression that the thinner you become, the healthier/more fit/more beautiful you are. I think you know as well as I do that the standard for a ‘fit woman’ isn’t much different than societies typical standards of beauty - white, blonde, tall, lean…except you’ve slapped a pink sports bra on her and gave a bit of muscle definition.

Just because its not plainly stated right out in the post doesn’t mean it is not widely believed to be true, it does not mean that it is not being insinuated here. It does not mean that most people misunderstand health/fitness abilities as being as small as they can.

as a fucking fat person I can state that I am fucking fit, I am active and I am pretty healthy, thank you very much. I am not in a prison of laziness, shame or guilt. Posts like this MAKE ME feel like I should. But I’m not. So go fuck yourself. 

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